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A dedicated professional

Cindy McKee Witt is a Missouri Licensed Massage Therapist dedicated to your wellness. Her understanding of anatomy and physiology combine with compassion and a healing touch to produce significant benefits.

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Certified in all techniques

A light touch or a deep muscle massage? It's your choice. Schedule your session today. Cindy is available for consultations and will work with your physician to create a therapy program that works for you.

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Giving back to those who give first

The widow of a First Responder, Cindy McKee Witt understands the emotional and physical stress faced by our local paramedics, police officers, and fire fighters. Our first-responder program - bringing healing and wellness to our heroes.

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My Motivation

I was married to a first responder - a paramedic. I saw the stress and pain; the toll it takes on these professionals' minds and bodies. I came to healing as a direct result of this experience. I'm proud to bring therapeutic massage to my Saint Charles community and to my special first-responder family.

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